Leading Prescriber of Antipsychotic Drugs Has License Suspended


“Illinois medical regulators have indefinitely suspended the medical license of psychiatrist Michael Reinstein, who prescribed more of the most powerful and riskiest antipsychotic drug clozapine than any other doctor in the country,” reports ProPublica. Regulators determined that Reinstein received “illegal direct and indirect remuneration” from the maker of generic clozapine, did not consider alternative treatments for his patients, and disregarded patients’ well-being.

In 2009, ProPublica and the Chicago Tribune first detailed how Reinstein had prescribed more of the antipsychotic clozapine than all doctors in the Medicaid programs of Texas, Florida and North Carolina combined, while at least three of his patients died of clozapine intoxication. “We found that the program continued to let him prescribe even after the U.S. Department of Justice accused him of fraud and Illinois’ Medicaid program suspended payments to him,” reports ProPublica.

Illinois Suspends Medical License of Leading Prescriber of Antipsychotic Drugs (ProPublica, August 11, 2014)


  1. Clozapine was accepted by the FDA and marketed as just another Thorazine, chlorpromazine “me too” (term used in the psychopharmacology profession, see the book Mind, Mood and Medicine by Donald Klein, M.D.) patented, centrally acting drug product. Marketed as just another dopamine 2 receptor antagonist that they could get a patent for — it was after marketing for some time, subsequently found to have some novel mode of action beyond dopamine signal blockade.

    As reflected in the Professional literature it was understood that Thorazine and its spin off descendent drugs were chemical straitjackets (all D2 blockers and all having the same basic mode of action, all similar in effectiveness). They were termed neuroleptics (from the Greek, “lep” to seize – meaning ‘nervous system seizing’) they were especially deemed neuroleptics in Europe — where the Profession has been somewhat more self contemplative and honest over the years than here in the USA.

    That the dopamine antagonist clozapine was found to have a novel form of action suggested that after 50 years the state of the art could move forward a step — that on the horizon there might be coming, new drugs, new drugs that deserved the name “antipsychotic” — drugs that might actually address some underlying Medical “lesion” as they say – actual Medical problem. Drugs with a new novel more disease specific action – safer more effective.

    Intelligence operatives, after a few years, took these ideas and words and used them to create the propaganda campaign where they insist that a breakthrough has happened and that a new more effective, safe, more disease specific class of antipsychotic “medications” has arrived. Yeah!

    This was so wonderful of a step forward (they used their various media to tell us all) that the drugs not only now deserved the word antipsychotic, they also were christened by the propagandists as deserving a whole extra name – the atypicals!

    Such a improvement were these that they deserve to be sold at 20 times greater cost, it is Medically unconscionable to not switch patients to the new improved more expensive drugs, have Medicaid and Medicare pay the bills and give the wonder drugs to people of different types such as for Autism, Alzheimer’s, Depression, pregnant and nursing women, toddlers etc.

    Perhaps a high point of their propaganda for their ersatz atypical breakthrough is the movie “Beautiful Mind” which shows the protagonist suddenly improve wonderfully after struggling along for years. Then he states he is taking one of the newer medications. And then the film proceeds to a Hallmark ending with him receiving the Nobel prize at the respectable, classy, black tie social occasion. “I’m taking one of the newer medications,” says Nash.

    Ironically the disastrously harmful drug olanzapine, trademark Zyprexa, (still prescribed) may have been the most similar to clozapine in action – at least it is compared to risperidone and some of the others.

    Psychiatrists working on phospholipid theories and membrane lipid research found clozapine’s extra mode of action to be a drug impact on cell membranes that has a similarity to an impact of the essential oil EPA.

    But Psychiatry’s detractors in academe such as Peter Breggin, M.D. cannot be concerned with information coming from the biochemical treatment vanguard. They want more psychotherapy and less drugs. While naturally the leadership of USA drug Psychiatry has no interest in why clozapine was atypical — it’s the advertizing word ( “atypical” “antipsychotic” “medicine” and “an-o-sog-nos-ia”) that is of exclusive penultimate import. Information for their purposes needs to be suppressed, buried, spun and controlled. The point is of course sales — not Medical therapies and knowledge. How to undertake to manage the entire situation to create maximum ongoing sales.

    In this case Dr. Reinstein can correctly state that the clozapine is one of their most effective (Thorazine descendent) medications to be found in their select group of favored patented trademarked chemicals. (No non-patentable chemicals such as pure essential nutrients are on their select list of items for use as chemotherapy in Psychiatry. No B-vitamins have yet made it to their official Medical therapeutic protocols. )

    The maker of generic clozapine settled out of court when they were accused of paying the Psychiatrist to prescribe clozapine and bill Medicare and Medicaid. Clozapine is not much of a money maker now so anything that would help their business now would be helpful.

    The political situation is not fair and while Joseph Biederman, M.D. (child “bipolar” sales) and Charles Nemeroff, M.D. ( TeenScreen and Paxil) keep their salaries and Licenses to practice “Medicine,” this fellow has been censured. He prescribed too much generic clozapine and did not consider “alternative” treatments for his patients.

    Perhaps if he had done a greater percentage of prescribing of the more lucrative still patented Thorazine spin-off dopamine blockade chemicals — he would have stayed out of this trouble.

    Daniel Burdick, Eugene Oregon USA

    Christmas all around. Why see your day in court when you can just hand over a small bundle of the blood money that you previously earmarked for the purpose? Same as Exxon Valdez – no need to have the safety provisions – just wait for the catastrophe and then pay a bit to congressmen when it happens.

    Kara Brandeisky
    ProPublica, March 12, 2014

    “Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan and the U.S. Justice Department claimed that IVAX, a Teva Pharmaceuticals subsidiary, paid Reinstein to overprescribe clozapine to Medicare and Medicaid patients.

    Yesterday Teva agreed to pay almost $15.5 million to the federal government and more than $12.1 million to Illinois to settle those allegationsout of court.”


    Exxon Valdez backgroud info: https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=exxon+valdez+%22one+dollar%22+Papantonio+

    Illinois Suspends Medical License of Leading Prescriber of Antipsychotic Drugs
    by Charles Ornstein
    ProPublica, Aug. 11, 2014

    “The state’s medical disciplinary board recommended the sanction in May after determining that Reinstein, 71, received “illegal direct and indirect remuneration” from the maker of generic clozapine; did not consider alternative treatments for his patients; and disregarded patients’ well-being because of potentially life-threatening side effects of the drug.”

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  2. “he wrote an average of 20,000 Medicare prescriptions annually for clozapine and a brand-name version, FazaClo” from ProPublica article

    WTH? 55 Rxs a day (including weekends) ???

    I know Ted this guy is a nothing but a serial killer!

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  3. “You’re from Chicago? Bang, bang!” said a guy I met in Europe, as a joke (because of Al Capone and Chicago’s reputation) when I was studying in Europe as a college kid. I loved Chicago, and still do. But the evil within society has actually taken over the medical community of the Chicagoland area, and the IL Dept of Prof Reg.

    I was told by the IL D of PR, within the last couple of weeks, that my concerns of medical improprieties by the Chicago doctor, V R Kuchipudi, which were almost identical to his crimes against so many patients, that he was actually arrested by the FBI for, were “closed,” again. Really?

    What a bunch of unethical morons the IL Department of Professional Regulations are. They do not properly address patients’ actual medical concerns or records. And they don’t properly address the corporate banking industries’ crimes against families either.

    Bang, bang – the Chicago Department of Professional Regulations is a sick joke, bought out by the medical and banking industries.

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    • I find this validating. I was considering pursuing a complaint through the ILDPR, but after waiting many months for a response from them, to find out that the department was on and off furlough, made me far less trusting in opening and reviewing a case with them.

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    • I remember Ms Warren asking bank regulators how many banks the have prosecuted over the recent years. The answer was shameful silence and weaksouce excuses. Someone should step up and ask the same of the medical regulators. I believe the answer would be much the same.

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  4. Joseph Biederman, M.D. and Timothy Wilens, M.D., using the Harvard Ivy League mantle of being preeminent “renowned” Psychiatric Professors, act to increase drug company profits by getting toxic drugs given to US children and infants.

    They were neither arrested nor lost much in position or salaries when Senator Charles Grassley, R-Iowa found that they were receiving millions of dollars from Big Pharma and disclosed that Joseph Biederman, M.D. had promised a company a positive result (for them) from a “test” of a drug product in children that he had not done yet.

    By Kim Stagliano

    The Real Biederman Scandal Vera Sharav
    By Vera Hassner Sharav July 2011

    The late Abram Hoffer, M.D., speaking of the money that followed from the 1954 marketing strategy for Thorazine and then other major tranquillizers explains the creation of the criminal Psychiatry we have since that time. “At that time, of course, as you know, the tranquillizers came in, in 55′ 56′ 57′ and they were financially so rewarding to the big drug companies, that they overwhelmed the whole field – and today Psychiatry is owned by the Big Pharma. That’s what has happened to Psychiatry today.”
    Interview with Jeffrey Bland

    This Reinstein in Chicago helping to sell clozapine along with Biederman and the others at Harvard continue the marketing operations. These people have no concern for the welfare of citizens.

    The 1973, 58 page, Task Force 7 Report to the A.P.A. is a defining point in the history of our fraudulent criminal Psychiatry.

    This is stated as being a scientific independent per review by leading members of the Profession. Since 1973 this has been referred to as the proof that the biochemists and doctors pursuing biochemical testing and chemotherapy in Psychiatry using biochemicals lacked credibility and were wrong.

    It was necessary in their strategy to suppress and ignore their own best people and this culminated with the Task Force 7 fraud. They “scientifically” proclaimed in 1973 that treatment in Psychiatry consisting of chemotherapy for chemical imbalances was wrong. At this same time they started the DSM-3 project wherein they would make everything medical model, they expunged from the DSM all post Freudian psychotherapy terminology, and henceforth they would reap decades of blood money giving ersatz “treatments” of word test “diagnosed” “disorders” employing patented centrally acting drugs.

    To keep the propaganda pristine, and not open any pandoras box the only chemotherapeutic chemicals used, considered or mentioned in their propaganda based ersatz “Medicine” are a select group of patented trademarked neurotropic drugging chemicals – most of which contain chlorine or fluorine. (B-Vitamins never yet made it to the official diagnostic and therapeutic protocols of Psychiatry as written in books by such leaders as Donald F. Klein, M.D.)

    B-Vitamins are mentioned in Hurry Tomorrow the fantastically great documentary filmed inside a locked ward. See film clip, “Jack’s Day” – Richard Cohen Films.

    Task Force 7 was created by Big Pharma, the NIMH and the APA.

    Thomas Ban, M.D. in what is also a defining thing for the current fraud Psychiatry and a key point in history did a “test” that shows that, as Ted writes here, they do not care if they kill or hurt Americans. Thomas Ban gave a MAO inhibitor and a large dose of methionine to 30 “patients” causing all of them to deteriorate, their condition and prognoses to worsen. Giving them 3 grams of niacin also he concluded that the niacin failed to work as an antidote and this was included in the Task Force 7 Report as scientific peer review that the use of B-3, niacin in Psychiatry is a failure.

    Nicotinic acid in the prevention and treatment of methionine-induced exacerbation of psychopathology in schizophrenics. Can Psychiatr Assoc J 15:15-20, 1970

    They gave these 30 people a MAO inhibitor tranylcypromine, and a large dose of methionine they thought it interesting that this made them worse. The niacin was seen to be therapeutic by them but that was not how they spun it for the pretend “peer review.” The just used the part about 3 grams failing to act as an antidote. That the premiere US Biochemist Linus Pauling noted that it was an “error”that they had not used enough niacin to make sense, that was ignored. Everything was ignored for the next 4 decades of Neuropsychopharmacology and shock profiteering.

    Biederman and Reinstein are part of a propaganda and fraud operation that suppresses actual Medicine that goes back to the marketing strategy using detail men that they developed for Thorazine circa 1954 and had up and running by 1973 and going into overdrive with the 1980 publication of DSM-3.

    Stand up.

    Dan Burdick Eugene, Oregon USA

    From Study No. 12: nicotinic acid in the dosage of 3000 mg. per day can neither prevent nor counteract the psychopathology induced by the combined administration of a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (tranylcypromine) and methionine” (p. 16).

    31.Ananth, J.V., Ban, T.A., Lehmann, ILE., et al: Nicotinic acid in the prevention and treatment of methionine-induced exacerbation of psychopathology in schizophrenics. Can Psychiatr Assoc J 15:15-20, 1970

    Task Force 7 Scientific Peer Review Report of the APA (and NIMH) 1973

    Linus Pauling, On The Orthomolecular Environment Of The Mind

    31.Ananth, J.V., Ban, T.A., Lehmann, ILE., et al: Nicotinic acid in the prevention and treatment of methionine-induced exacerbation of psychopathology in schizophrenics. Can Psychiatr Assoc J 15:15-20, 1970

    Nicotinic acid as a methyl acceptor is referred to in the report: “From Study No. 12: nicotinic acid in the dosage of 3000 mg. per day can neither prevent nor counteract the psychopathology induced by the combined administration of a monoamine oxidase inhibitor (tranylcypromine) and methionine” (p. 16). In fact, the molecular weights of nicotinic acid and methionine (a methyl donor) are nearly the same, 123 and 149, respectively. Instead of 3 gm., 16.5 gm. of nicotinic acid would have had to be given each day to accept the methyl groups donated by the 20 gm. of methionine that was given each day. The study referred to as number 12 (31), which resulted in an exacerbation of the illness of 30 schizophrenic patients who participated in it, has no value as a test of the methyl acceptor theory of nicotinic acid.

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    • Dr. Beiderman claimed to be “second only to God” in a court of law. I’m quite certain Biederman was confusing God with the almighty dollar or Satan, though. Creating the childhood “bipolar” epidemic by convincing US psychiatrists that misdiagnosing (according to the DSM) the ADRs and withdrawal effects of the antidepressants and ADHD drugs as “bipolar” is pure evil. He’s created an almost unfathomable in scope iatrogenic nightmare in the US, leading to harm of horrifying numbers of children. I agree, the man belongs in jail.

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  5. Regarding John Nash as portrayed in the movie A Beautiful Mind, John Nash stated in an interview with 60 Minutes that he took an antidepressant for a week or so, didn’t like how it made him feel, and never took another psychiatric drug, old, or “newer”.

    But the propaganda fit seamlessly into the plot of the movie.

    No drug company can take credit for fixing his beautiful mind and winning a Nobel prize.

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    • The same goes for the movie Silver Linings Playbook, where the patient gets a manic episode when he stops taking drugs and gets better when he starts them again. Any real life context ignored. This movie would actually be a good one if not for the psychiatry propaganda interjections which make my blood boil.

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