Russian MP Proposes Psychiatric Exams for All Election Candidates


“A nationalist lawmaker suggests making politicians disclose their psychiatric problems to the public and punish those who try to hide them by removing them from polls,” reports the Russian RT network.

RT reports that the proposal came from member of parliament (MP) Aleksey Zhuravlev, the head of the nationalist party Rodina that is aligned with the center-left party Fair Russia. “The MP said that the regulations could be similar to the requirements concerning criminal records – candidates must report it in their papers and can be disqualified from the race if they fail to do so.”

According to RT, Zhuravlev was quoted by Izvestia saying, “I think voters should know about psychiatric problems of the people who seek their support. The candidates must submit official papers about their mental condition to the elections commissions, and, if they conceal anything, this can be a reason for removal from polls.”

“The motion received some support from other Fair Russia MPs and lawmakers representing the Communist Party,” reports RT.

Candidates in elections must prove their sanity – MPs (RT, September 4, 2014)


  1. I think someone should send Mr Zhuravlev a copy of Dr Moncrieffs’ article Psychiatric Diagnosis as a Political Device. Might change his mind when he understands how open to abuse this whole ‘science’ is. Or is this the reason he wants this introduced?

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