Turkish Psychiatrists Find High Rates of Traumatic Experiences During Adulthood in Patients


It is very common for women in Turkey diagnosed with schizophrenia to have experienced one or more traumatic experiences in adulthood, according to a study in Comprehensive Psychiatry. “Previously, research aiming to investigate the effects of interpersonal traumatic experiences on psychotic symptoms mainly focused on adverse experiences in childhood,” stated the team of Turkish researchers about the significance of their findings.

Led by Munevver Hacioglu of Istanbul’s Bakirkoy Hospital, the researchers interviewed 70 consecutive female patients who were diagnosed at the hospital with schizophrenia and who reported no experiences of childhood trauma. Though they did not compare the numbers to those occurring in the Turkish population, the researchers found that as adults 81.4% of the female patients had experienced physical abuse, 78.6% emotional abuse, 28.5% sexual harassment, and 24.4% sexual abuse. They also found that certain symptoms were more strongly present in those women who’d experienced a history of sexual harassment or sexual abuse, including “hallucinations, blunted affect, emotional withdrawal hostility, and anxiety.”

“We concluded that traumatic life events and exposure to violence was common among female patients with schizophrenia, and sexual trauma in adulthood was associated with particular clinical symptoms,” the researchers wrote.

The Relatıonshıp Between Adulthood Traumatıc Experıences and Psychotıc Symptoms in Female Patıents wıth Schızophrenıa (Hacioglu, Munevver et al. Comprehensive Psychiatry. Published Online Ahead of Print August 22, 2014. DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.comppsych.2014.08.049)


  1. What an incredibly sad state of affairs the psychiatric industry gets itself into when they go off on an insanely stupid belief system of all real problems are caused by chemical imbalances in people’s brains. Of course trauma, at any point in one’s life, effects a person. But it’s so much easier for the psychiatric practitioners to ignore all a person’s real life concerns, defame the person with a “mental illness,” and tranquilize the person instead.

    The mere fact this is medical news, instead of assumed common sense, is astounding.

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    • Oh, I should mention that the tranquilizers, the neuroleptics, cause the “schizophrenia” symptoms in a percentage of the population. But doctors now cover up such a “Foul up”with a neuroleptic by blaming the patient, not the drug, and massively poisoning the patient with drug cocktails, rather than taking the person off the drug that made them sick.

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      • It’d be really nice to rid the world of bipolar and schizophrenia. And based upon my experience the antidepressants (“safe smoking cessation meds”) cause the bipolar symptoms and the neuroleptics cause the schizophrenia symptoms. So I’m quite certain research should be done into this matter.

        However, drugging and defaming people with “mental illnesses” is a really good way for unethical professionals to cover up easily recognized iatrogenesis and child abuse.

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  2. Funny how they have to discover things like that… Can’t believe that people who were abused have mental problems. The next thing they’re going to find out is that people who had a divorce of death of a partner have higher rates of depression or something.
    Btw, I wonder how many of them were diagnosed as “delusional” or “paranoid” when they were actually reporting totally factual events and reasonable fears. Psychiatry supports domestic violence and blames the victims.

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    • “Psychiatry supports … violence and blames the victims.” One of my former doctors was arrested by the FBI in 4.2013 for having lots of patients medically unnecessarily shipped to him, “snowing” patients, performing unneeded tracheotomies. I think during the two month FBI sting there were something like 6 or 7 patients who died from these unneeded for profit only surgeries. I told the psychiatrist I did follow up care with, that I’d dealt with extreme prior malpractice (I’d been “snowed). This psychiatrist’s medical records state my concerns were “odd delusions.” I saw him in 2006. I wonder how many patients were killed by Kuchipudi between the time I mentioned the man was a sick human, and his arrest seven years later. Psychiatrists are in the business of covering up sexual abuse of children and easily recognized iatrogenesis.

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