Seth Farber, PhD – Long Bio

Dr. Seth Farber is a writer, social critic, dissident psychologist, visionary, activist (in the human rights, Green and anti-war movements — and a supporter of animal rights) and co-founder of the Network Against Coercive Psychiatry (1988). His newest and most important book is The Spiritual Gift of Madness:The Failure of Psychiatry and the Rise of the Mad Pride Movement. A critic of the mental health system, he has been a guest on many television and radio shows. His first book, Madness, Heresy and the Rumor of Angels: The Revolt Against the Mental Health System contained a foreword by Thomas Szasz. Dr. Farber is also an editor of the pioneering scholarly review The Journal of Mind and Behavior. He can be reached at seth17279@​


  1. I really liked him, too. A really great person. I started googling when his phone# just said it was disconnected. Any close friends or family please reply to my comment! Thank you! He was striving to protect people attacked with electronic gang stalking! That’s his fabulous, advanced, fearless attitude to take on wrongs, valiantly!❤

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