“Learning to Live With the Voices in Your Head”


In the The Atlantic, journalist Ric Morin explores alternative perspectives on and approaches to schizophrenic and psychotic experiences through a lengthy interview with psychiatrist Dirk Corstens and two people who hear voices.

Generally, Corstens advocates for a broader understanding of non-ordinary experiences informed by views of such experiences in many cultures outside North America; however, at one point Morin asks if Corsten ever prescribes psychiatric medications to his patients who are hearing voices. Corsten replies, “Yes, but we need to be careful. Have you read the book Anatomy of an Epidemic?… That really shocked me. I did some research, and more and more we’re discovering that medication is not all good. It can improve symptoms, but it can also worsen them.”

Learning to Live With the Voices in Your Head (The Atlantic, November 5, 2014)