“Modern Day Mengeles”


On Bioethics Forum, Alessandra Hirsch discusses the involvement of psychologists in the CIA torture program, and compares their involvement to the roles that psychiatists and psychologists played in Nazi Germany. Were these experts simply assisting in torture, or actually performing it?

“The CIA’s actions share four main qualities with those of the Nazi doctors,” writes Hirsch. “1) they experimented on their detainees, 2) they perverted medical procedures, turning them into rape and torture, 3) they induced diseases in their detainees, and 4) they provided necessary medical care in order to enable future torture. These parallels, described in detail below, show that, if what the Nazi doctors did qualifies as torture, so too, do the actions of the health care professionals working for the CIA.”

Modern Day Mengeles (Bioethics Forum, January 12, 2015)


  1. Glad to see the dots being connected. In Nazi Germany, they did torture, mind control, and eugenics. The psychiatrists ran the entrainment camps, and at first steralized anyone they could diagnose as a jew, homosexual, or mentally ill. Then it progressed to killing and euthanizing them. The psychiatrists did it all. Adolf Hitler also believed mind control was the secret to control the world, and psychiatrists are in fact mind control experts, specialists in the mind sciences. It is true the Nazi’s invested heavily in mind control, and this is one reason Project paperclip of the CIA went on, when we imported their best mind science doctors (psychiatrists), and propulsion scientists, we then put them to work at major universities and hospitals and forgave their horrific war crimes. We started mind control programs of our own, project bluebird, artichoke, MKULTRA, and more. We did decades of torture, human experimentation, and more. The programs were never shut down either, and multiple hundreds of thousands of people were hurt up to the seventies. The programs go dark after that period, continuing on under new budgets and titles. The modern stuff involves satellites, radar, and directed energy. Anyway to say the least, the CIA torture program ain’t nothing new and its just the same old thing that’s always went on in this country. A lot of the methods devised are also old school, stuff they developed during MKULTRA, which itself involved the development of interrogation methods and interrogation utilities from drugs to brain computer interfaces and torture tactics. BTW, APA was involved from the start, as even the APA head was a top paid CIA torture doctor in the 1950s, and DSM happens to be heavily influenced by all that nonsense. Top psychiatrists all around the United States participated, goals included creating the conditions listed in the DSM .. Notice how the DSM actually frames victims of such abuses to be mentally ill and is devoid of information to prevent false diagnosis of victims who often receive diagnosis of persecutory delusional disorder, PTSD, schizophrenia, or even multiple personality disorder. APA has never apologized for their involvement in any of these programs or operations to date, and they continue to plow over victims allegations.

    More info on http://www.obamasweapon.com

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  2. As if any of it was a question. The only disgusting part is that just as many Nazi psychiatrists and other torturers escaped punishment today’s criminals will likely go unpunished too. Maybe even more so since Obama is “looking forward not backwards” – a great way to make sure justice is never served.

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