“Tot Therapy: Psychiatrists Join Up With Pediatricians”


The Wall Street Journal discusses the growing practice of stationing mental health professionals in the offices of pediatric physicians in order to increase the diagnosing and treating of psychiatric issues in toddlers.

“Our mantra is, let’s put the head back on the body and treat the whole child,” a representative of the Mental Health Leadership Work Group at the American Academy of Pediatrics told the Journal.

Tot Therapy: Psychiatrists Join Up With Pediatricians (Wall Street Journal, January 12, 2015)


  1. How sad the WSJ is putting out this propaganda. We here know that the reason the psychiatric practitioners are moving into the pediatricians offices’ is because their DSM disorders have been declared invalid, and it’s been proven that their drugs are toxic to all humans in the long run.

    This is just heartbreaking to me. How can we protect our country’s children from the psychiatrists’ bogus “mental illnesses” stigmatizations and toxic drugs? What kind of sick adult goes around defaming children with fictitious mental illnesses? Forgive my disgust.

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