1. It’s sick that so many children are being harmed based upon the fraudulent DSM stigmatizations. And I’m quite certain if our way too paternalistic / left brain only / money worshipping society would start to realize that raising children properly is an important job (rather than having psychiatrists claiming that being an active volunteer and stay at home parent is “unemployed”) we would have far fewer problems with children in our society.

    I know that when raising my children it was the children with active stay at home parents that did the best in school. What’s sad, however, is that when a parent successfully helps a child go from remedial reading in first grade (due to a psychiatric cover up of child abuse), and helps that child recover to the point he gets 100% on his state standardized tests in eight grade, the school social workers then want to drug the well behaved child because the school district is “not equipped to deal with the children who get in the 100th percentile.”

    Our society, especially the lies perpetrated by the psychiatric theology, is the primary problem, not the children. And truly we should move forward towards the reality that the state is incapable of properly raising children, and start respecting the traditional role of women in society again. Although, I do realize this would reduce income taxes for the state, but the net benefit (a healthier, more loving, and more well adjusted society) may actually be more beneficial and even more profitable in the long run – although, of course, not for the psychiatric stigmatizers currently profiting from our existing “broken” system.

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    • Perhaps a fellow Chicago suburban and Chappaqua, NY resident was wrong when she claimed, “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child,” since the villages are not equipped to do the job properly, but mothers are. Although, since the psychiatrists are attacking, defaming, tranquilizing, poisoning, and torturing as many well insured stay at home moms as they can get their grubby little hands on, the villages do need to lend a hand. Psychiatric theories and greed are destroying this country, I pray it ends.

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