“Nursing Homes for People of Color: Still Segregated, Still Unequal”


In Patient POV, Laura Newman argues that nursing homes are hiding their poor health and mental health practices — including racist ones — from the general public. “If Martin Luther King, Jr. was alive today, he would be 86,” writes Newman. “If he was like many elderly black Americans, he might well end up in a nursing home ranked lower in quality and with less well-trained nursing staff than a nursing home that many white Americans reside in.”

“If people report lousy conditions in the homes, nursing homes often vilify them,” says Newman. “In fact, some would argue that the industry hides behind a smokescreen of patient privacy.”

Nursing Homes for People of Color: Still Segregated, Still Unequal (Patient POV, January 23, 2015)


  1. There is nothing worse then institutional “care”. It’s bad for kids, it’s bad for elderly, it’d bad for disabled people. As much as sometimes it’s maybe unavoidable it should be avoided at all costs – family care, supported living, home care – they are all better options almost all of the time.

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