I Would Have ADHD, If It Existed


In The Blaze, Matt Walsh insists that he’s got ADHD as much as anyone has ADHD, and then makes the argument that ADHD doesn’t exist.

“Let’s establish one thing up front: I have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder,” writes Walsh. “I mean, if ADHD existed as an actual disease, I would have it. I should say, I have all of the “symptoms” that the mainstream medical and educational establishment currently view as proof of a disorder called ADHD. However you want to phrase this, it’s important for you to understand that I have “personal experience” here. Personal experience shouldn’t actually matter — only the facts should — but if I have to play that game, then this is my Personal Experience Token. I am submitting it at the beginning of this discussion, hoping that it will get me through the gate and allow me to engage with the people on the opposite side of it.”

ADHD Definitely Doesn’t Exist, But If It Did I Would Have It (The Blaze, February 18, 2015)