Grof Foundation Will Try to Reinvigorate US Spiritual Emergence Network


The Grof Foundation has taken over the US Spiritual Emergence Network, and has pledged to make efforts to strengthen and expand the network in coming years, according to a press release from the Foundation. The network provides supports for people experiencing extreme psychological crises or “spiritual emergency.”

“Do you know someone who has struggled to integrate a difficult psychedelic experience or been overwhelmed by a psychological-spiritual crisis?” stated the press release. “Christina Grof founded the Spiritual Emergence Network in 1980 to make sure that these people — people experiencing “spiritual emergency” — get the compassionate care they need. Since then, SEN has flourished in many parts of the world, providing referrals to a carefully-selected list of practitioners who can honor the depth and value of such experiences, and can help people integrate these experiences in a meaningful way. In the last few years, however, SEN in the United States has been ‘homeless’ – functioning on a shoestring and surviving only through the extraordinary personal dedication of its director, Ted Esser.”

The Grof Foundation will provide an organizational and administrative “home” for the Spiritual Emergence Network in the US, and try to reduce wait times as well as expand the network of providers. The Foundation was created this year to help further the work of the recently-deceased author Christina Grof, and her husband Stanislav Grof, a psychiatrist, researcher of non-ordinary states, and co-founder of transpersonal psychology.

Spiritual Emergence Network now part of the Grof Foundation (Grof Foundation press release, February 12, 2014)