Implanting False Memories During Dreams Now Possible?


The Guardian discusses a recent study that apparently succeeded in planting “false memories” into sleeping mice.

Scientists reportedly attached electrodes to the brains of mice, and then gave the mice a pleasurable sensation whenever they were dreaming of a specific location in their cage. The mice then sought the location out when they awoke.

“The scientists say that the findings could pave the way for new treatments that would allow patients to overcome depression or deeply entrenched painful memories,” reports The Guardian.

Rodent recall: false but happy memories implanted in sleeping mice (The Guardian, March 9, 2015)


  1. Attempting to implant false memories in humans can definitely be abused. I dealt with a bunch of doctors claiming that since my ex-pastor “thought she was the second coming of Jesus,” that this was my belief system. I think Jesus was a man, and will return as such. But it was very confusing to deal with these doctors, since I had no idea psychological and psychiatric “care” was nothing more than gossip and lies masquerading as medicine at the time.

    My next pastor was kind enough to explain that historically and still today the religions cover up their child abuse “zipper troubles” by having the psychiatrists drug Christians for belief in the Holy Spirit and God.

    But I’m not certain it’s wise for a supposedly Christian country to have an industry set up to defame and tranquilize Jesus, if and when He returns some day. And I understand there’s an entire hospital in Israel set up for this sole purpose, too.

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