Interview With John Ioannidis About Why Most Scientific Findings Are False


Vox has an interview with Stanford University’s John Ioannidis, author of the most read article in the history of PLoS Medicine, “Why Most Published Research Findings are False.”

“If medical research is hopelessly flawed, Ioannidis is the superhero poised to save it,” reports Vox. “For the past two decades, the physician-academic has used meta-research — or research on research — to document the ways science veers away from the truth by way of bias, error, and outright fraud.”

John Ioannidis has dedicated his life to quantifying how science is broken (Vox, February 16, 2015)


  1. I hope some day we can get away from the war between science claiming there is no god, and the theory there is actually a Creative Designer and God. Since it seems science, and the monied interested behind it, are indeed hell bound in their attempt to prove they are right, even with fraudulent research.

    I’ve read that when science and religion are most opposed, is when stupidity excels most in a society. Open-mindedness of viewpoints, and mutual respect, is imperative.

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