Peter Beresford, OBE – Long Bio


Peter Beresford, OBE, is Professor of Social Policy at Brunel University London and Visiting Professor at the University of East Anglia and Edge Hill University. He is a long term user/survivor of mental health services and Co-Chair of Shaping Our Lives, the independent UK disabled people‚Äôs and service users‚Äô organisation and network. He has a longstanding interest in issues of participation as researcher, writer, campaigner, educator and service user. He has long been actively involved with both mental health service user/survivor and disabled people‚Äôs organisations and movements. As well as working to develop “user controlled” research and more user involvement in research generally, he has carried out numerous user-led research projects. He is an Executive Editor of the international journal Disability & Society and a member of the Editorial Boards of Critical and Radical Social Work and Research Involvement And Engagement. He is also author of A Straight Talking Guide To Being A Mental Health Service User, PCCS Books.