Can Bloggers Save Science?


Research the Headlines interviews Mind the Brain blogger-psychologist James Coyne about why so many news stories about health and psychology studies are so bad. And Coyne suggests the scientific blogosphere is starting to “come into its own” in providing a critical counterpoint to the mainstream media.

Talking Headlines: with Professor Jim Coyne (Research the Headlines, April 21, 2015)


  1. Government has already taken steps to insure that you need not ever even Think again, much less Worry about such issues.

    The FCC has voted For Net Neutrality.

    Our centers of higher learning are more concerned with teaching political correctness to students than any ability to critically analyze and re-synthesize information.

    Follow the money as it buys the votes.

    Follow the money as it buys the FDA.

    Bloggers will be hard pressed to even stay on line, much less ‘Save Science’ once the FCC takeover of the internet cuts teeth and starts charging them for making ‘campaign contributions in like kind’ for their expressing their likes and dislikes of particular candidates.

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