Class Action Lawsuit Over Gambling, Sex Addiction Side Effects Settled


An Australian class action lawsuit about Pfizer Parkinson’s drugs that caused severe gambling and sex addictions in 172 people has been settled, but delayed by a judge concerned that the plaintiffs were not fully informed of their rights, reported Financial Review. reported that the antipsychotic Abilify could become a target for similar lawsuits.

“Many claimed to have gambled away hundreds of thousands of dollars, amounting to their entire life savings, after taking the drugs despite having no pre-existing gambling problems,” reported Financial Review.

As many as 18% of people taking dopamine agonists for Parkinson’s could become victims of compulsive behavioral side effects, stated “There are six FDA-approved dopamine agonists currently on the market in the United States. The Parkinson‚Äôs disease drugs Mirapex and Requip were most strongly linked to incidents of impulse control problems among the dopamine receptor agonists, leading to gambling addictions and hypersexuality, and even compulsive shopping. However, a safety signal was also seen for Abilify gambling and impulse control problems, with at least 37 reports found specifically involving this one medication.”

Pfizer Settles Class Action Lawsuit Over Gambling, Sex Addiction Side Effects (, May 11, 2015)

Parkinson’s disease patients await compensation for Pfizer drug linked to gambling and sex addiction (Financial Review, May 8, 2015)


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    I was hospitalized in florida with bi-polar and suicidal thoughts after a family breakdown , they put me on abilify and I started compulsive gambling , eating , sex , and borrowing to support my gambling habit .I had 100,000 of thousands of dollars well before this and NEVER had weight gain …80lbs , or went or wanted o go gambling before .I only found out about the abilify lawsuit this year and wonder if I can become part of he class-action lawsuit .I feel totally lied and cheated to as when I had multiple concussions playing football running back in the 70s ….no jutice for the truly injured !

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