Psychology’s ‘Reproducibility Project’ Efforts Reporting In


Nature News reports on the first wave of findings in the “crowd-sourced” effort to reproduce 100 of the most influential or important studies in psychology.

“An ambitious effort to replicate 100 research findings in psychology ended last week — and the data look worrying,” reports Nature News. “Results posted online on 24 April, which have not yet been peer-reviewed, suggest that key findings from only 39 of the published studies could be reproduced. But the situation is more nuanced than the top-line numbers suggest. Of the 61 non-replicated studies, scientists classed 24 as producing findings at least “moderately similar” to those of the original experiments, even though they did not meet pre-established criteria, such as statistical significance, that would count as a successful replication.”

First results from psychology’s largest reproducibility test (Nature News, April 30, 2015)