“ADHD Drugs are as Dangerous as Street Meth – and Americans Are Getting Hooked”


“Sales for drugs like Vyvanse and Adderall are growing rapidly. To those who have experienced the dark-side of regular amphetamine use, that’s concerning,” says the U.K.’s Guardian. “In 2014, the adult market for pharmaceutical stimulants in the US overtook the long-reigning children’s market. Thanks to the eagerness of many doctors to prescribe so-called ADHD drugs, every high school in the country is sloshing with enough amphetamine to keep five Panzer divisions awake during an extended Africa campaign. But now, for the first time, you are more likely to find drugs like Vyvanse and Adderall in a corporate office park than a classroom.”

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  1. Could send international organised crime syndicates broke.

    Hmmmm….although what the difference is between them and pharmaceutical companies, I am not quite sure – same end (addicts in need of product), different supply chain.

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