“I’ve Done My Fair Share Of Drugs, And The Only One That Scares Me Is Adderall”


“I’ve eaten mushrooms … dropped LSD … taken MDMA … I’ve done everything adults always told me not to do in my youth, and I ended up fine. And now, the only drug to ever have an addictive and negative effect on me, is the one that has been shoved down my throat by dozens of medical professionals and teachers throughout my adolescence,” reports Daniel Tobin on the website Elite Daily.

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  1. I read this article and it is very good. It could be extrapolated and extended to include the whole toxic and addictive range of prescribed psychiatric drugs; but the author was only familiar with Adderall and Ritalin. I read many, not all of the comments and was sadly amazed at how many were so effective in “rationalizing” their needs for these drugs. Two things were the most tragic; how one person kept denying their relationship to such drugs as cocaine and how they were actually more awful. Second, was the mother who rationalized giving it to her children. What parents and doctors can do to their innocent, vulnerable children. All I would like to say to her is that I am thankful that she is not my mother.

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  2. Excellent article!

    I’ll just comment on one point the author made: “And just like any form of drug use, the repeated intake of these chemicals can alter both personality and character.”

    I’m quite certain in hindsight that, among the many other adverse effects, my numerous years on SSRI & benzo combinations greatly diminished my strongly innate feelings of sympathy, empathy, humbleness, good manners, decorum, etc., and instead made me much more uncaring, sarcastic, disdainful, and even arrogant and haughty at times.

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