“Return of Electro-Cures Exposes Psychiatry’s Weakness”


Scientific American‘s John Horgan offers brief overviews of the evidence — “or lack thereof” — for five types of electronic psychiatric therapies that are experiencing a resurgence in public promotion: transcranial magnetic stimulation, cranial electrotherapy stimulation, vagus-nerve stimulation, deep-brain stimulation and electroconvulsive therapy.

Return of Electro-Cures Exposes Psychiatry’s Weakness (Scientific American, June 24, 2015)


  1. I recently met a lady who appears to be suffering from severe neuroleptic induced tardive dyskinesia – although her doctors are calling it something else – who just agreed to get some sort of electric therapy. It breaks my heart, it’s as if psychiatrists get their hands onto a person, destroy them with drugs, then have to cover this up by destroying the person further with electrocution. Truly, it’s time to rid humanity of an industry that seemingly does nothing but defame and torture people, after hypocritically promising to “first and foremost do no harm.”

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