Transpersonal Therapists Examine Ketamine-For-Depression Questions


The most recent issue of the The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies is dedicated to studies and discussions examining the promises and risks associated with the recent upsurge of interest within mainstream psychiatry in the drug ketamine for the treatment of depression.

The introductory editorial discusses the different effects of ketamine at different dosages and asks whether the positive effects in depression studies are actually emerging from ketamine’s psychedelic properties. If so, the editorial asks, what might that mean for attempts by conventional psychiatrists — who tend to be biased against psychedelics — to find a working low-dose, long-term-use application for the drug?

All of the studies and commentaries are publicly accessible.

Meanwhile, the Office of Women’s Health of the US Department of Health and Human Services reminds the public that at certain doses ketamine has also been used as a “drug-facilitated sexual assault” tool, or “date-rape” drug.

The International Journal of Transpersonal Studies, 2014, Volume 33, Issue 2: SPECIAL TOPIC: PSYCHEDELIC KETAMINE AS ANTIDEPRESSANT

Date rape drugs fact sheet (, accessed June 29, 2015)


  1. It is very exciting to see a whole special issue devoted to Ketamine. We have been treating depression and chronic pain with IV Ketamine Infusions in our clinic with great success (83%). We do wish to point out that the root, rate of administration, and interval between treatments is extremely important in achieving positive therapeutic effects. IV Ketamine Infusions are the only method of administration that have been consistently, clinically proven to work at around a 70%+ success rate in the treatment of depression. The question and the necessity for a psychedelic experience as a mediator for the therapeutic effect remains open. Although it may make a contribution in some instances, we have numerous patients who have achieved relief of their depression without having had such an experience. For more information on anesthesiologist and founder of Ketamine Clinics of Los Angeles, Steven Mandel M.D. and our clinic, please see

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  2. “a working low-dose, long-term-use application for the drug”

    Told ya! “No, they’re only going to be used as a short term practice to put a person in a transforming mind state in the presence of someone who will guide them through it”. Sure it will. It will be used the same way all all these toxins and narcotics they sell as medicines and the only people who will get better because of that are rich a***es at drug companies.
    I wonder when they will come the full circle and recommend a bottle of whiskey for depression?

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