“Club Drug Ketamine Gains Traction As A Treatment For Depression”


NPR reports on how ketamine is being used off-label to treat depression.  While highlighting some of the reported benefits, the report also details some limitations. “One is that its ability to keep depression at bay can fade pretty quickly,” another limitation is the price, which can run “about $500 for each injection and $1,000 for an intravenous infusion.”  There is also concern that ketamine clinics are opening up all over the country “as pure business models.”

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  1. What’s next? Heroine?

    They are really f***ing ridiculous. Btw, one of the well known side-effects of ketamine (why it’s not really used for anesthesia in people) is it’s propensity to induce horrible nightmares and generally unpleasant mental states. Not to mention in the first place that it is an anesthetic and can be very dangerous with overdose.

    The “funniest” part is that “serious” people are actually talking about it like it was a valid area of pursuit for new medicines. YOUR WHOLE FRAMEWORK IS WRONG!!! How long do we have to say it?

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