Nardo on RAISE study: “Spin is for Politicians”


Dr. Mickey Nardo adds to the ongoing discussion about the RAISE study results. He writes: “If there is ‘spin’ in the reporting of this study, we need to know about it. I personally think that it’s more important for RAISE to be reported completely and honestly than whether it comes out like they [or I] want it to come out. We don’t need some sanitized version of RAISE to tell us we need to turn our attention to a full bodied approach to the treatment of First Episode psychotic patients. We all already know that. What we do need is to have our confidence restored in our research community – that they will honestly and clearly report their findings whether they are clean as a whistle or an unholy mess.”

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  1. Honestly, I’m a little surprised about the fuss which is being made around this study. It almost makes me want to put on a tinfoil hat and look for some conspiracy. Or is it just psychiatry’s/pharma’s attempt to control the message in the light of more and more people seeing the emperor has no clothes?

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