J. Doe — Op-Ed bio

The author has a BS in Biology/Health Science and went on to complete a professional post-graduate master’s program and certification. While starting their career, a colleague prescribed Xanax for “work stress,” which when taken as-directed caused tolerance and interdose withdrawal within a couple months’ time. This was their unfortunate introduction to psychiatry, where the Xanax iatrogenesis resulted in multiple “mental illness” misdiagnoses and subsequent psychopharmaceutical polydrugging with six drugs (three of them benzos/Z-drugs) over the next five years. Rendered non-functional from the poly-drugging, they then suffered a barbaric and medically negligent cold-turkey in a detox center. They have been free from all psychiatric drugs for three years, yet still enduring drug neurotoxicity (protracted withdrawal) that doesn’t yet allow for employment. While healing, the author enjoys cooking, advocacy work and serving in a withdrawal group offering support to others in their efforts to be free from psychiatric drugs.