“A Psychiatrist Opposes H.R. 2646: Here’s Why”


Writing for the Campaign for Real Change in Mental Health Policy, psychiatrist Coni Kalinowski implores others not to support the Murphy Bill “or any other legislation that encourages the use of involuntary outpatient commitment for psychiatric treatment.” “For 9 years, I trained and worked in Wisconsin where involuntary outpatient commitment has been used to force people into treatment for over 30 years, and I can tell you first hand, it does far more harm than good to individuals, it is very expensive, and it does not address the public health and safety issues that people hope it will.”

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    • I agree, she seems to see many of the problems within psychiatry, especially when it comes to their forced treatments. Which are completely deplorable and unacceptable human behavior, for unethical and greed inspired reasons. Such as my forced psychiatric hospitalization doctor, who has now been arrested by the FBI for having many patients medically unnecessarily shipped to himself, who then “snowed”patients with drug cocktails medically known to cause “psychosis,” via anticholinergic intoxication poisoning, for profit. All to cover up prior easily recognized iatrogenesis and the medical evidence of the abuse of my child by his former hospital’s owners, the ELCA, in my family’s case.

      Forced, or coerced medical treatment of any kind, including with “little white lies”of “chemical imbalances cause life long, incurable, genetic mental illnesses,” especially when it is the psychoactive drugs themselves, miss-marketed as medical cures, that actually cause the “chemical imbalances,” is morally deplorable. The entire psychiatric industry has turned itself into a gas lighting industry with it’s delusions of the DSM disorders, it seems.

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