APA to Celebrate Women of Color in Psychology


Beginning next weekend, Saturday, March 12th, the American Psychological Association (APA) is going to live stream #IamPsyched! – “an interactive pop-up exhibit that empowers girls of color to explore careers in the social and behavioral sciences by showcasing the rich contributions of women of color.”

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    • It’s based on black people being diagnosed with “schizophrenia” at a rage 200-300% the rate of the general population; and my assumption that most or almost all of these people are drugged. If you do a Google search for “schizophrenia racial disparities” or “schizophrenia overdiagnosed in African Americans” you will find the data.

      It’s not black people’s fault that they’re more often poor, abused, neglected, discriminated against, etc. than other races; all things that correlate with being more likely to get these labels per the ACE study…

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