“Why are More Children Being Prescribed Antidepressants? Funding Cuts”


Eleanor Morgan writes in the Guardian opinions that the long waiting times for talk therapy and the increasing use of drugs in the UK is a result of the declining budget for child and adolescent mental health services. According to a leaked report, on average, a child had to wait twenty-one weeks (nearly half a year) to see a mental health specialist.

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  1. BUT THEY DON’T WORK! I think it is a treat and who are the `mental health professionals going to be anyway? Psychiatrists have few, often NO `talk therapy’ skills, funding for psychologists is almost non existent, and they are medicalised too, now. So WHO? Plus, we’re well aware that the therapeutic benefit comes from the relationship with the therapist, so even a GP, taking time could establish that, as the old family doctor did when he/she took a bit of time and wasn’t pushing people through the door at a rate of knots. Our entire siciety must take the blame here. We put pressure on kids than abandon them to pharmaceuticals where they succumb to it. Shame on all of us.

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