1. “The union that represents about 1,800 Universal Health workers, out of more than 68,000, links the problems to inadequate staffing… ” The same union that helps patient abusers with a lawyer to discredit their victims and get their jobs back including back pay.

    Universal Health, which is valued by Wall Street at over $11 billion, won’t allow patients (its prisoners) to make ‘long distance’ telephone calls outside the hospital area code to family and friends from the jail like phones on the wall. Cheap heartless bastards “Long distance phone call” I thought people stopped saying that 20 years ago.

    It was being in a UHS hellhole that started me writing on MIA in the first place.

    Want to learn more about UHS ? This is a better website https://watchinguhs.wordpress.com/

    “And in Austin, male nurses stripped a teenage sex-abuse victim and shut her in solitary confinement, naked.”

    Everyone gets a strip search during intake, they threaten you with assault if you refuse to get naked when ordered, if you threaten to hurt them back someday outside the hospital one on one for mistreating you, they threaten police charges for your counter threat in self defense.

    If you don’t like your pill lobotomy cause its risky to your health and refuse they make more threats to forcefully penetrate you with a needle full of drugs. Assault and penetration, they are like rapists.

    UHS = Hellholes , check out the link I posted.

    Oh right, why was I in the hospital…. After a nervous breakdown and over a week of drinking all day I voluntarily went to the ER for detox instead of buying more alcohol and get sent to a UHS hellhole. They call the anxiety and insomnia from alcohol withdrawal “bipolar” to justify ripping of my insurance for a month and trying to make me a chronic mental patient by attempting to coerce me on to a nasty dangerous drug cocktail including Haldol.

    The worst part was making friends and not being able to defend them when they were being abused and assaulted by staff, call me cowardly for not defending but you better be one hell of a friend for me to take a needle for you.

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  2. An investigative reporter for a national news network would like to speak to anyone who works or previously worked for UBH Denton, Mayhill Hospital, or Universal Health Services. Of course, anyone with experience as a patient would also be of interest to him.

    You are NOT required to go through with an interview. The reporter will informally discuss with you what happened, what you know, etc. If he determines that you could contribute to the story in a meaningful way the two of you will work out the interview details. This reporter is willing to mask your identity, if necessary, for your protection.


    I found that link on the stories comments.

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