“Document Claims Drug Makers Deceived a Top Medical Journal”


The New York Times reports that two major pharmaceutical companies may have mislead the editors of a prestigious medical journal in an effort to push the sales of their latest “blockbuster drug.” In lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson and Bayer, lawyers point out that an article published in The New England Journal of Medicine about the anticlotting drug Xarelto left out critical laboratory data.

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  1. Ok. Please explain to me how an instrument used for an important study affecting peoples’ lives would not affect the results of studies in which the faulty instrument was used??? Are we doing double speak here or do they truly believe that people are dumb enough to accept such bologna in place of the truth? Johnson and Johnson has been in trouble almost constantly over the past few years; it got a 1.2 billion dollar fine levied against it a couple of years ago for its wonderful toxic drug Risperdal.

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