“Is Depression an Illness? Or Part of the Human Condition?”


Psychotherapist Chantal Marie Gagnon voices her frustration with social media posts and stigma reduction ads that perpetuate the belief that all mental health issues are biological in origin. “I saw a pin on Pinterest recently that read, ‘Depression is an Illness, not a Choice,’ and it made me angry,” she begins.

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  1. Just because you don’t bleed, doesn’t mean you are not hurt. Hurt more than anyone could possibly imagine. Mental health is grossly overlooked, and mental illnesses stigmatized.
    I battled depression for years, and some of my best friends never saw that there is anything wrong with me. I am so grateful that I managed to fight that daemon off.
    For anyone suffering from depression,
    I recommend something that has helped me a lot. It is James Gordon’s system at http://lookingupstuff.com/mentalhealth/2015/02/06/how-to-destroy-depression/
    He is a former depression sufferer, and teaches a totally natural 7 step process which relieves depression from your life.

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