How an Ancient Singing Tradition Helps People Cope With Trauma


From YES! Magazine: Lament singing, an ancient tradition once observed for spiritual purposes during funerals, weddings, and times of war, is now seeing a revival in Finland. People are now observing lament singing as a form of musical therapy to help process trauma and loss.

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  1. Here are the lyrics from the song in the article:

    “I took pills for my depression

    just to smother my emotions.

    Doctors said that I would need them,

    but I learned to cry without them.

    So I stopped taking the tablets,

    then I let my feelings rise up

    for my mother when she passed on,

    for my marriage when he quit me,

    left me as a single mother,

    with a hard job and no weekends.

    Now I weep without taking pills,

    yet I still feel very angry,

    and the fury seems well-founded,

    but the feelings will not hurt me.”

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