International Antidepressant Withdrawal Project

The International Antidepressant Project helps people make a fully informed decision about taking antidepressants, discusses dangers connected with taking them, advises on tapering methods and supports through withdrawal and recovery. The site offers information and discussion on: alternative healing methods; the latest media on medications, Big Pharma, neuroscience, and health; spiritual and psychic matters; music; humor; and uplifting stories from the news.

The International Antidepressant Project’s website is divided into six sections:

  1. Introduction: A brief overview of antidepressants, how they work and the most commonly prescribed drugs
  2.  Side Effects: A brief description of how antidepressants negatively impact the body and mind
  3. Consequences: Information about adverse effects, “poop-out” or tolerance, and Protracted Withdrawal Syndrome or SSRI Discontinuation Syndrome
  4. Life After Antidepressants: A brief overview of the trajectory and course of healing from the effects of antidepressants
  5. Tapering: Guidance on the tapering process, including a taper schedule from 20 mg of Seroxat, Paxil, Citalopram and Celexa
  6. Forum: A place to discuss antidepressant withdrawal. The forum is no longer operating, but may be consulted as a useful archive of information. Topics include tapering, coping with withdrawal and alternative healing methods.

The website also features videos and blog posts about adverse effects and withdrawal effects of antidepressants. The site is available in French, Polish, Spanish and Dutch. The forum includes chats open to Spanish speakers, French speakers and Polish speakers.


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