Suicide Rate for Teen Girls Hits 40-Year High


From TIME: According to the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, the suicide rate among teen girls reached a 40-year high in 2015. From 2007 to 2015, suicide rates doubled among teen girls and increased by more than 30 percent among boys.

“It’s unlikely there’s any one factor to explain this increase, Simon said, but possible risk factors include a history of substance abuse, mental health stigma, and lingering economic stress from the Great Recession in the 2000s.

‘In times of economic prosperity, suicide rates go down,’ he said. ‘In times of economic instability, suicide rates go up.'”

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  1. There was an article recently in the Atlantic by a woman who does research on adolescent trends who sees this and a host of other major changes among teenagers as related to phones. Within a couple of years of when the iPhone comes out, kids stop doing things together and start staying at home communicating by phone and text, they get less adventurous and engaged with the world, rates of anxiety and depression go up, etc. It sounded pretty convincing to me.

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