How Online Forums Offered ‘Lifeline’ for Sufferers


From The Times: In an age in which benzodiazepine dependence is increasingly becoming a global problem, online forums serve as a lifeline for numerous benzodiazepine victims.

“Ms Hanley, 39, is one of unknown thousands of people dependent on drugs prescribed by their doctors who say online forums were a ‘lifeline’ after GPs failed to get to the root of the problem.

She spent more than a year gradually reducing her dose with help from peers online. Coming off ‘benzos’ causes seizures and other withdrawal symptoms that can trigger cardiac arrest and Ms Hanley recounts the terror of making decisions on her own: ‘We have no medical support whatsoever; it’s horrific.’ Now off the drugs, she has no doubt that it was the only option. ‘Three months ago I couldn’t walk or use the telephone.'”

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