Xanax: Children As Young As 11 Taking Anxiety Drug


From BBC: The abuse of the anti-anxiety drug Xanax is becoming widespread among children and adolescents as young as 11 years old.

“To gain an idea of the scale of Xanax abuse, the BBC sent a freedom of information request to six ambulance services about its call-outs to Xanax ingestion incidents where the patient was aged under 18.

The North East Ambulance Service was the service that provided the most comprehensive details about when Xanax had been ingested – other services recorded all incidents involving the family name of the drug, benzodiazepine – and it said that in 2017 it had attended 240 call-outs for Xanax abuse by children aged between 11 and 18.

Two of the cases last year had been for 11-year-old and there had also been cases recorded in 2014 and 2016 for children of that age.”

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  1. Xanax, is one of the most dangerous drugs ever created. Twenty times stronger than Valium, it is the first medication known, to exhibit inter dose dependency. In other words, missing a single dose can send someone into withdrawals. Withdrawals, from Xanax, are also dangerous and protracted. Xanax, lowers the seizure threshold, and users often experience seizures during regular use and during Detox. Of particular concern is withdrawal from Xanax, which requires titrating down, with a Benzo that has a longer half life. Since Xanax is 20 times stronger than Valium, titrating down can take upwards of one full year, or longer. Some ex-users, never actually feel completely off the drug. Since Xanax, is easily available on the street, partly because prescribers are unaware of its danger and give it out like candy, Heroin users often use it along with their Heroin. This is why so many Opiate users overdose, the combination of Opiates and Xanax, is lethal. When its prescribed, the dose seems so small that, those who are prescribed the drug, think that its safe. It is definitely not. It should never be taken by anyone, let alone children.

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