APA Statement on Gina Haspel Nomination


The American Psychological Association has issued a letter expressing serious concerns about the nomination of Gina Haspel for the director of the CIA due to her alleged involvement in torture.

“Given recent media accounts, we are concerned about the appropriateness of Gina Haspel being confirmed as CIA Director based on allegations that she was involved in overseeing a CIA ‘black site’ in Thailand where ‘enhanced’ interrogations of al-Qaeda detainees occurred in 2002 and that she played a role in the destruction of videotapes of actual ‘enhanced’ interrogations.

It is our understanding that classified CIA documents are expected to shed further light on these allegations and that the CIA has offered the Committee access to these documents in a secure facility. Not only does this access need to be extended to the full Senate but also to the public, wherever possible, to adequately inform consideration of Ms. Haspel’s fitness for the CIA Director position. If critically needed information is not made available or the information indicates that Ms. Haspel supported torture, then we urge the Committee to reject her nomination for CIA Director.”

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