“ADHD: A Return to Psychology” Video Series

strong>By Craig B. Wiener, Ed.D.

Welcome! This three-part video series presents a psychological understanding of the diagnostic category “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” (ADHD). Over the past several decades, professionals have been informing the public about the neurobiological delays that cause the behaviors associated with ADHD and the need to medicate and stringently manage sufferers. But why are we convinced of a medical disorder when a diagnosis cannot be made from any biological marker or dysfunction?

In these videos, I analyze conventional biological determinist claims and explain how ADHD actions and reactions can be understood within the realm of psychology— and why the presumption that a child has a biological impairment can be discarded. I also present an alternative intervention that develops self-management and cooperation in children and youth diagnosed with ADHD. This intervention replaces the more commonly used treatments, which have been yielding very poor longer-term benefits.

Video 1: “Does ADHD Represent a Lesser Ability to Stop, Look, Listen, and Think Before Taking Action?”

Most people believe that children diagnosed with ADHD misbehave because they possess an inferior inhibitory system that renders them less able to suppress unacceptable actions. However, this belief has numerous shortcomings. This video challenges these assumptions and offers alternative explanations for why a child may exhibit ADHD behaviors.

Videos 2 and 3: Coming soon.



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