Child Baker Acts On the Rise in FL: Are We Listening?


From the Hernando Sun: “Imagine.

A 6-year-old girl, a Princess Elsa backpack at her feet, sitting in a chair in the front office of her school.  You kneel down to her level. You can’t see her hands because they’re in handcuffs, behind her back. She is under a Baker Act.

As a parent, a teacher, a guidance counselor, a social services worker, or police officer; human emotions would be challenged at that moment. All who would be in that room with that little girl are human beings. No one wants to see a young child in handcuffs. However, it’s unfortunately an event that happens at times, in those professions. For reasons that aren’t criminal.

Is she a bad child?
Did she commit a crime?
Is she going to jail?

But a pair of handcuffs around the wrists of her small hands are life-altering. Even if it’s ‘just a Baker Act.’ Convincing an impressionable 1st grader that she isn’t a bad person while her wrists are clamped together by cold, locked bracelets of metal is difficult. She will always remember this day.”

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  1. I come from a multigenerational family of public school teachers and am extremely proud of their many decades of public service to Florida’s schoolchildren.

    Having said that, parents who love their kids don’t send them to public schools in America if they have any other option. Public schools are the single greatest danger to children’s lives, and it’s not because of shooters or teacher incompetence. It’s because the school-to-prison and school-to-mental-patient pipelines are now impossible for the thinking person to ignore. The main purpose of public school is not education, as witnessed by the college educators who’ve decried for years the increasing number of high school graduates who must take remedial courses to catch up to college level work. No the primary purpose of public education is the production of a compliant and nonquestioning citizenry, and to funnel children into the productive adult roles proscribed for them by an oppressive capitalist system sanctioned by the US government.

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