I Will Fight for You by Atara Schimmel


is the one

that i want

the one that

i love


she fights

for justice

like a wild cat

fighting for her cub


fangs and claws

because freedom is everything


because freedom

is not something

that you will steal from me


months of begging for the grave

the truth is exploding from my parched lips now


now that the words are falling into place

and i am starting to feel the sun

calling me again


and the trails of death and dying

are sprouting

buds of a spring i was certain i would never feel again


i keep on promising her

that i will not

let them



this war

but i am a deeply wounded soldier

and i have been in captivity

for months

and still have years to serve


And my brain is a fire

of chemical war-fare


And the children are throwing themselves

into the flames of this chemically induced torture


Severed from our spirits and our souls

our goddess given curls turned to straw

and eyes turned empty

where once expanses of curiosity and compassion thrived

and sparkle was a word to describe

what now lays


begging only for death


I will fight for you

if it takes years

I will fight for you

And it will take years


You will return

And as the whales and the dolphins beach themselves

As in have no choice other than mass suicide

Understand that this is Pharmacide

With the pharmaceutical industries spewing their chemicals into the oceans


We too

Are beaching ourselves

And still a whole nation

of imbeciles


Continues to feed its very own children

their tortured



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