You’re Trapped. They’re Cashing In: North Tampa Behavioral Health


From Tampa Bay Times: “A Tampa Bay Times investigation has found that North Tampa Behavioral makes huge profits by exploiting patients held under Florida’s mental health law, known as the Baker Act.

The hospital illegally cuts patients off from their families. Then it uses loopholes in the statute to hold them longer than allowed, running up their bills while they are powerless to fight back.

Some patients describe getting virtually no psychiatric treatment. Meanwhile, people at risk of suicide have been allowed to hurt themselves, and helpless patients have been attacked on the ward.

For this, the hospital charges up to $1,500 per night.

The Times analyzed thousands of hospital admission records and reviewed hundreds of police reports, state inspections, court records and financial filings.

The documents — and interviews with 15 patients and their families or advocates — show the hospital uses a variety of tactics to keep patients beyond 72 hours. Some are tricked into thinking they’ve waived their right to leave. Others are forced to wait for court hearings that never happen.”

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  1. The same is happening in Belgium and their Forensic Psychiatric Institutions known as FPC. (established after Belgium being multiple times convicted by the Strasbourgh Human Rights Courts for violating basic human rights – Torture is still ongoing)

    The flemish government is turning a blind eye to the torture of patients, bullying of their familie members and demonising and threatening any person who dare to speak or defend a patient – The so called “high risk” patients are left to suffer and sometimes to die under the wrongdoing of inexperienced cheap staff. The fact is that the victims/patients are framed to reach a high risk level to then extract the maximus funds from the government. E.g. Mohammed Houari (Mo) was interned in 1996, three decades later the psychiatrists admit he should be home and that he was just misunderstood. Many patients are suffering from this syste. Psychiatrists claim that Mo should be not inprisoned at all and request his freedom with immediate effect, on the other hand the psychologists under FPC’s payrole try their best to broker for the extention of his stay at FPC. Up to 7,500 Euros per night is paid per night for high risk patient in which Mo Falls victim to. The government is fully aware of these criminal acts.

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