Lawsuit Over Teen’s Diagnosis, Treatment Heads to Trial


From AP: “A lawsuit filed by the family of a Connecticut teen who was placed into state custody after a dispute over her diagnosis and put in a psychiatric unit is scheduled to start Tuesday.

The suit was brought by the parents of Justina Pelletier against Boston Children’s Hospital and those who treated their daughter, The Boston Globe reported Monday.

‘Justina has suffered severe and debilitating psychiatric trauma as a result of being held against her will in a locked psychiatric ward, isolated from her friends and families, and enduring several months of treatment in which her physical symptoms and disease were denied by her primary caregivers,’ according to the suit, which will be heard in Suffolk Superior Court.”

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  1. Perhaps someone could start a fund for people to be able to sue not just the harms, but the disguised harms and outright lies.
    Psychiatrists should have to prove how they measure a chemical imbalance in each client and how they decide which drug to use and how they measure the imbalance after drugs.
    Why are judges not educating themselves about the facts before making decisions?
    Within a judges mind is, he has to know about medicine in order to pass judgment, or he has to go by faith that doctors are informing him.
    And so, we have to wonder, why is a patient not allowed to inform the judge? Why take a doctors non facts, made up theories as evidence? And evidence of what? Of mental illness? So judges agree that it is a crime to have a non existent disease?
    Who pays these yahoos that are social police.

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