Elizabeth Wurtzel, Author of ‘Prozac Nation,’ Has Died at 52


From CNN: “Elizabeth Wurtzel, the author whose 1994 memoir ‘Prozac Nation’ ignited conversations about the then-taboo topic of clinical depression, has died. She was 52 …

Not only was the book was a window into a hidden world of depression that resonated with other young woman and people across the country, it also invited widespread criticism and debate for its unapologetic, self-reflective nature.

However, the way Wurtzel discussed Prozac in the book, then a relatively new drug, having been approved by the FDA in 1988, meant it stood as a cultural standard against which future conversations about antidepressants and mental health would be measured.”

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  1. This is so sad. The LA Times article, written by her personal friend, gave a fitting tribute to her.

    “With her words, Elizabeth had in fact expressed the paralysis — and trauma — she’d experienced watching the World Trade Center being emulsified from the building next door. Two years later, her dog Augusta was trained as a PTSD service dog, and went with her everywhere; when Augusta died, her beautiful dog Alistair had the same training. Elizabeth with her dogs was a whole Elizabeth.”

    Of course, I can relate to this so much.


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