Institutional Corruption and Social Justice in Psychiatry


From Psychiatric Times/Conversations in Critical Psychiatry: “In recent years Lisa Cosgrove, PhD, has emerged as a leading expert on how pharmaceutical industry and academic guild interests have shaped the evolution of psychiatry, which she discusses using the framework of institutional corruption. She has been working with the United Nations Special Rapporteur, Lithuanian psychiatrist Dainius Pūras, to develop a framework that emphasizes the right to health and the global burden of obstacles. She criticizes the dominant paradigm in psychiatry and advocates for a social justice and rights-based approach to psychiatry that is thoughtful, measured, and persuasive. A good introduction to her work is the chapter ‘The Influence of Pharmaceutical Companies and Restoring Integrity to Psychiatric Research and Practice’ (co-written with Akansha Vaswani) in the 2019 book Critical Psychiatry: Controversies and Clinical Implications, edited by Sandra Steingard.”

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  1. I do believe there are many psychiatrists who are embarrassed to be working within the profession, simply because it is not working and also the DSM is looking beyond irrational, as if someone with paranoia or a neurotic tendency concocted it.

    I think many in the field read anti-psychiatry blurbs, and consider them hogwash, the chatter of radicals.. because they are used to nonsensical language of psychiatry although sounding grand to some ears, really do not say much, and are circular, and contradictory.

    I for one do not have the capabilities of expression, such as a PHD would.
    It however has not prevented me from realizing what psychiatry is.

    There is no “care” system that can exist under a system that is engaging in using their own “moral code” for the rest of humanity, even if that humanity is not even guilty of breaking even basic “moral” laws.

    I somehow doubt the UN will change psychiatry, I believe it is a political arena, an arena of cut throat maneuvers and I believe even the UN wants to not look like the guy that ruined psychiatry.

    Psychiatry IS crime against humanity and for the UN to stand by, and not act, and act swiftly is unforgivable.

    The DSM should be a thing, an irrational blip from the past and all force should be a criminal offence.
    The chemicals taken out of dishonest hands of doctors and psychiatrist.

    The UN, and anyone who endorses psychiatry is guilty of killing people and it has to stop.

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