Class of 2020 Students May Face Traumatic Loss Due to Coronavirus


From The Conversation:

“In a rapid response to COVID-19, universities moved classes online and brought campus life to a sudden halt for thousands of final-year undergraduates. The fallout from this has the potential to exacerbate the existential despair that many young people may be experiencing, or turn this into a traumatic loss.”



  1. Yes, the high school kids who are graduating this year are disappointed too. But I haven’t found them to be suffering from “existential despair” or “traumatic loss.” I’ve got a son graduating this spring with his masters too, he’s not really bothered by the lack of a graduation either. He’s more focused on his future job and apartment. The high school kids I spoke with also seemed to be concentrating more on their future plans too.

    I will point out that this article states “There’s no right amount of time or right way to grieve.” But I’m pretty certain that this is not true for the DSM billing “mental health” workers. Since I’m pretty certain the DSM states drugging people who are in a state of grief is appropriate within two weeks, or maybe immediately.

    To me this article sounds like wishful thinking and disease mongering on the part of a likely DSM billing code “bible” utilizing psychologist.

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