The Kids Aren’t All Right


From The Atlantic: “The body of research conducted in the years since Katrina indicates that those effects have endured over time, especially for poor children and children of color. In the book Children of Katrina, the University of Vermont’s Alice Fothergill and the University of Colorado at Boulder’s Lori Peek spent seven years studying the effects of Katrina on young people. Their findings were stark. Children exposed to Katrina and its aftermath were much more likely to suffer emotional disturbances than other kids, even years later. They found that the likelihood of uneven recovery among kids was directly linked to existing social disadvantages—namely poverty and race.”

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  1. Sorry to be blunt, but I might puke if I see more privilege doing “studies”.
    The studies that were done in Ireland, to check on their famine. Yes and then “poor houses”
    erupted, leading to more wretchedness.

    There is NO MENTAL ILLNESS. All these adults that do studies and “bring to light, plight”, the emotional turmoil, it needs that “mental help”, because the studies found they “suffer emotionally”.

    So if the underlying issue is the problem, why not fix it for the next generation.
    All anyone ever really sees is that somewhere either in past or present was something that caused distress, and somehow shrinks saw that making a living of distress seemed to be a profitable endeavour, an endeavour where they could make millions and furthermore cause more illness, by dragging it into the next generations.
    And they would not stop there, they picked on little kids, millions, they made up disorders so teachers could become the diagnosticians and make recommendations.
    Making the normal, abnormal, what better business.
    And of course we have all the parents joining in, chattering about how their child’s friend needs chemicals, because, you know, “they did the science and the brain develops in this fixable way”, “their brains have something wrong with them”.

    Honestly, so sad that people become so stupefied to not examine the current propaganda, to look at history, to see what ignorance, propaganda and weird and crazy beliefs surround us.

    Please no more studies.

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