A 9-Year-Old Was Pepper-Sprayed by Police. Here’s What Should Have Happened Instead


From USA TODAY: “‘After viewing the videos released this weekend, we are all witness not only to a little girl in profound crisis and a family in the throes of interpersonal violence, but also to a community that is overwhelmed by toxic stress,’ said Deb Rosen, executive director of Bivona Child Advocacy Center. ‘These concentric rings of trauma must be met with compassion, empathy and unconditional support.’

‘That child deserved to be treated as a child, as an innocent,’ Rosen said. ‘She deserved to be reassured that she would see her father soon, the one thing she repeatedly asked for. She deserved patience, to be talked to at eye level, called by her name. These are the elements of human communication that we refer to as “de-escalation” and they are to be expected when adults engage with children.’

What is clear in the video, Rosen said, is that this child was caught up in a biological response beyond her control. To expect a 9-year-old to be able to overcome that biological response for the sake of compliance demonstrates a lack of understanding.”

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  1. “mental hygiene”
    Kids should be allowed to use the words suicide.
    It means I am not in a place I like to be. Or doing the things that I was meant to. It means I have no
    valuable, safe, fun and connected place.
    That IS what it means!

    So there are drugs to replace all those missing things? Or perhaps one ween of giving that environment should suffice?
    Perhaps some nice mental Hygiene therapy, like asking the child stupid questions such as “why are you sad”, then giver her some drugs and do a bit more caring question asking.

    We let a bunch of mentally incompetent people loose to pretend they are providing “mental”. It’s one unhealthy practice.

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