Antidepressants Are Not the (Only) Answer

From Mad in Sweden: Swedish journalist Liv Beckström advocates for the need to emulate the Norwegian example and institute the right for drug-free psychiatric care. Despite the recommendation by the Swedish National Board of Health and Welfare to use talk therapy, prescriptions for antidepressant drugs have skyrocketed and become the go-to option by practitioners. This one-sided approach to treatment, Liv argues, needs to be balanced with new mental health care legislation in Sweden. Read in Swedish or English translation.


  1. There is no such pill as an “anti-depressant”. Disturbing the brain is not medical. Giving the brain a strange drug that scrambles the nervous system, yet based on hypothesis and made up lies, is draconian. Who wants to take a drug where the maker has no idea of what it does?
    And why do placebos work? “anti-depressants” “work” in the same manner but with a lot of very bad effects. So when your “anti depressant” no longer works just like a placebo might not, you are given more poisons. And surprise, you will always “have” whatever bothers you, plus very harmful drugs.

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