‘Peak’ Podcast Ep. 7 – Micah Ingle: Psychology and Its Meta-Transformations


From Peak Podcast: “In this episode, we are joined by Micah Ingle for a conversation on the varieties of psychological understanding that are at our disposal for making sense of human experience. Topics discussed include ‘mainstream’ vs. ‘humanistic’ psychologies, the transformative value of psychedelic states and character development, our relationship with society and culture, and the latent transformative potential of group psychotherapy.

Micah is a Ph.D. student in the Consciousness and Society program at the University of West Georgia. His theoretical work focuses on individualism in the West (broadly construed) and his orientation to both theory and praxis is informed by dynamic, humanistic, and critical perspectives. Micah is also a contributing author for Mad in America . . . You can find some of Micah’s work here.”

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