Fight Is Far From Over After FDA Ban on Judge Rotenberg Shock Device


From NBC News: “In early March last year, just one week before the declaration of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Food and Drug Administration took the rare step of banning the device, finding that the significant risk of harm outweighed any medical benefit it could bring. It is only the third such ban in the agency’s history.

It seemed like the culmination of a decades-long battle between disability rights activists, former residents and the state of Massachusetts on one side — pushing to stop the use of the device or shut the school down altogether — and the center and its supporters, many of them parents who say the school, and the shock device, saved their children’s lives.

The ban should have meant victory for those fighting the school, but more than a year later, it hasn’t actually changed anything. Due to court battles and the pandemic, none of the 55 residents currently approved for treatment with the device will be required to transition off it until further legal decisions. If past litigation over the school’s use of the GED [graduated electronic decelerator] is any indication, that could be years.”

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  1. I have stated my support for that school before, and my opinion hasn’t changed. Being zapped in the arm does not cause irreversible brain damage, or any irreversible harm at all. It certainly doesn’t cause tardive dyskinesia, dystonia, brain shrinkage and destroy a child’s sexual development. We are not dealing with this in place of love-therapy. These kids were (presumably still are) rescued from forced neuroleptic drugging, which is what will be forced upon them the moment this alternative doesn’t exist. I’ve said it before in rage; people supporting this need to stop else they be responsible for the next terrified child, waiting for his or her Risperdal to come back and make the roof of their mouth feel squeezed as their jaw is locked open … thinking to themselves while they suffer the most extreme anxiety and panic while at the same time seeming so lucid and relaxed to an observer, “anything but this… oh my God, ANYTHING but this! Oh my God, I’m dead. This has to be severe brain damage… I’ll never be the same… whoever I was is certainly gone now… goodbye…”

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