Notes on a Neurodivergent Trans* Experience from the South

From Mad in Mexico: Fran Castignani is a political scientist, translator, professor at the University of Buenos Aires, and health worker. She inhabits the crossroads of trans*-autistic-southern experiences, and from such a situation she researches and writes on neurodiversity, critical disability studies, and crip theory. She has given seminars, conferences and workshops in Argentina, Spain, Mexico and Germany. She participates in the activism, exchange and research platform Orgullo Loco Buenos Aires.

Existence is always corporeal and corporality always becomes the framework of a space and a time. During this conversation, Fran extended to us her life records and her spatio-temporalities to inquire about a sensitive, affective and political dimension in her dwelling and his journey.

Read this article in the original Spanish, or translated into English here.